Harmonic Calculator

Welcome to the Harmonic Calculator! It is very easy to use. Simply put in the Base Frequency you want you use (such as 432 Hz, 440 Hz, or any other frequency that appeals to you), the number of Notes you want to generate per octave, and click 'submit'. The calculator will spit out a table of frequencies that you can use to tune your instrument Harmonically.

For musicians, this calculator is ideal for tuning stringed instruments that do not have frets (such as harps, hammer dulcimers, ouds, violins, pianos, etc). Instrument makers can also use it as a tool to assist in the creation of any type of harmonic instrument they wish to create.

You may notice that different rows in the table are different shades of green. The darker the shade, the more harmonic the note is with the chosen Base Frequency & its octaves. The "Harmonizes with..." column shows how quickly the note Harmonizes with the Base Frequency / its octaves. Just for funzies, if you click on that number, an exact graph showing how the wavelengths harmonize will appear, to help with your visualization. The higher the number, the lighter the shade of green, the less harmonic that note within the octave is with the base frequency & its root tone for that octave.

There are some Advanced options for generating Pythagorean tuning intervals & seeing whether any Western notes are even close to the Harmonic notes you are generating (hint: most are not). In fact, this can be a really fun way to explore exactly how non-harmonic contemporary Western tuning really is (hint: very... you're just used to it.) Just wait until you get used to Harmonic Tuning...