Harmonic Resonance Manifesto

The Most Important thing we can do to heal our society is to restore true Harmonic Resonance to our instruments!

Everything in our experience of existence is made of Frequencies. Sound, light, color, emotions, even solid objects have vibrational blueprints at their core.

A huge part of our evolutionary impulse is the growth towards harmonious coexistence with our planet, with each other, and with ourselves. We celebrate the influences in our life that engender harmony and we are naturally repelled by that which is disharmonious.

One of the most ubiquitous and influential delivery systems of frequency information on our planet is Music. Music is everywhere and more and more of it is being produced daily. Beyond the obvious potency in the messages delivered through rhythm, tone, and lyrics, is the power of the carrier wave that they ride upon. What is the tuning structure that this music is based on? Believe it or not, humans perceive and tune music differently all over the world. Even in our western civilization, we used to tune differently. We used to tune by Harmonic Resonance.

A not-so-long time ago, on a planet not-so-far away, in the seat of western civilization, (a place called Europe) Harmonic Resonance in music was abandoned in favor of "Equal Temperament" tuning. This allowed for much more expedience when needing to quickly retune an entire orchestra. Unfortunately, this tuning style is intrinsically DISHARMONIC.

Harmonic Resonance is extremely simple. As every physicist knows, energies are harmonic when they vibrate in simple multiples of each other. For example, this is harmonic:

In the simplest terms imaginable, harmonics occur when energies vibrate in simple patterns relative to each other. This causes the waves (frequencies) to Reinforce each other at regular intervals, and the overall quality of the wave to repeat rhythmically, which creates pleasing overtones and smoothly integrated sounds. By contrast, energies that do not vibrate in simple multiples of each other tend to erratically interfere with each other, creating disharmony and tones that we experience as less pleasant.

Sound waves are waves of energy moving through the air. They have the power to physically affect matter. The difference between a Harmonic set of Waves and a non- harmonic set of waves is like the difference between a laser and a nerf gun. The former is highly focused, the latter loses a lot of its power to effect change in the chaos of dissonance. We are so used to nonharmonic tuning that we have never known what it's like to experience the real thing.

The power of music is known to be great. Historically, one of the most sacred duties of priests worldwide was the creation of large harmonic instruments such as church organs, bells, gongs, horns, and singing bowls whose tonal resonances were constructed to harmonize entire villages. The priests were not only in charge of their construction, but also their maintenance, and it was said that when the instrument would go out of tune, the entire village would become disharmonious. Right now, all of Western music is disharmonious and people all over the world listen to it constantly. Is it any wonder that our society is suffering from so many problems and inflicting such harm on the earth as a whole?

One of the simplest and most potent ways we can create a harmonious coexistence with each other and with the earth is to bring our instruments, our music, and ultimately ourselves back into Harmonic tuning.